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Air Tools - How can be safe?

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Safety is everybody’s concern. We want to be safe at all times, at home, workplace, in school and even in handling tools. Yes, you heard it right! We must definitely consider safety in handling tools, especially if we are working in a construction industry or if the like is your profession.

This post is focusing on giving you some tips you can work on how to properly handle power tools and for today, we will tackle about how to safely handle Air Tools!

Here are some useful tips to consider on handling air tools.
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  1.   Keep in mind that compressed air can be very dangerous. Many people forgot the idea that tools can be very dangerous. For example, in using scissors, we may forget how this crisscross can lead into serious finger damage if not handled correctly. So keeping in mind that all tools can be dangerous will lead us into careful usage of them.
  2.  Always make sure that the compressor is set at the right pressure setting. The ideal working psi is around 90 for regular construction pneumatic tools. By doing this you may prevent tool damage and workplace accidents.
  3. Before connecting the hoses to the tool, make sure that it is in good condition and the couplings are properly secured. It is recommended to safely blow out the hose to ensure that there is no debris, water or anything inside. In short, test those hoses!
  4. Always use proper Protection Gears such as gloves, safety glasses, protective shoes and the like. This will help you protect yourself from unfortunate injuries.
  5. Be sure that the tools are well lubricated and regularly checked for maintenance. This will help not just you but also the tools. For regular checking and maintenance will ensure that they are in good working condition.
  6. Last but not the least; do not play with compressed air! This is so very dangerous, believe me. Also do not use this air tools for the purpose of kidding and gags, as well as for the task that it is not designed to do.

These are just some of tons of tips out there. Knowing these will not just keep you safe but your co-workers also. Understanding this will surely help you how to handle air tools safely.

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Stay tune for more safety tips about power tools!